Friday, December 30, 2011

Vote ALEX - Win Books!

It's that time again! 

Time to rally behind Alex from the Covenant series and cast your vote!

Alex has made it through the first 2 rounds *CRAZY CHEERING*
but now she is up against some serious competition, Katniss.

Alex will need every vote she can get, and that's where YOU my lovely readers come in!

The way I see, Katniss has had her time in the spotlight.  I mean, The Girl on Fire even has her own movie coming out!
It's time to give an underdog a fighting chance!!

And this underdog deserves your vote!  She is amazing!!!

So as an incentive to vote for Alex
(besides all the amazing incentives that the author is doing you can find on the main post)
I am hosting a giveaway!

If Alex gets 500 votes I will giveaway a package of swag, including some very cool Jennifer Armentrout swag!

If Alex gets to 1000 votes I will giveaway either 
Half-Blood OR a Pre-order of Half-Blood (winners choice)

If Alex gets to 1500 votes I will giveaway either
Obsidian OR a Pre-order of Onyx (winners choice)
(Onyx will be pre-ordered as soon as it because available)

If Alex WINS I will giveaway BOTH
any book by Jennifer Armentrout (available or Pre-order) AND 
a $15 e-giftcard to AMAZON OR a book of choice up to $15 to book depository!


Must be 13 or older (13-17 have parent/guardian permission)
International as long as book depository ships to your country
Simply VOTE ALEX and then come back here and fill out this form!

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  1. Thanks for the great giveaway! I definitely voted for Alex since I hear she is awesome. Yeah I haven't read Half-Blood yet but I hope to soon.

  2. WOW, these incentives rock my world! You KNOW I voted! :) Cross my fingers! I really wanna read Obsidian, haha!

    Thanks for the support and for the giveaway!

  3. thanks you for this great incentive
    i voted now lest hope we will be many to do so

    all the best and Happy new year

  4. I just voted and Katniss was at 978 and Alex at 393. So some catching up. I voted for Alex. Stiff competition though!


  5. I voted for Alex! Underdogs FTW! :D

  6. I like Katniss, but Alex definitely has my vote in the tournament because she is awesome. =)


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