Friday, April 6, 2012

April Page Count Contest: Top 20 of Week 1 and New Form!

Page Count Contest

I hope that you have all had as much fun with the contest this week as I have!

There was some fierce competition this week!  I know it has really given me that motivation that I was hoping for and it looks like it has some other people as well!

Lets not forget that this is only 5 days into the competition, we never who will be able to keep up this crazy pace and who won't.  Plus, we have a weekend coming up!! WOOHOO!

So without further ado I will give you this weeks TOP 20!

Oops...I guess there is a little further ado..
The form for this week will be at the bottom of THIS POST!!  Don't forget, this is where you will come to enter all your books you finish for this week!  Maybe all these awesome numbers will inspire you to read more each time you see them!

NOW for the Top 20!

#20 - Julie - 1015
#19 - Amanda @ Sisters United - 1040
#18 - Loretta @ Between the Pages - 1071
#17 - Rose_2468 - 1105
#16 - Orchid @ The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia - 1191
#15 - Reading Angel (THAT'S ME!!) - 1194
#14 - Vivien - 1200
#13 - Racquel (A Book Barbie) - 1210
#12 - Katie @ Breath of Books - 1255
#11 - Kim Mathwig - 1318
#10 - Amanda @ Letters Inside Out - 1370
#9 - Megan Verhegghe - 1444
#8 - Katie Butler - 1519
#7 - Lauren Davis - 1540
#6 - Keegan Shayne - 1583
#5 - Ash @ Tying Tiara - 1695
#4 - Nikki H - 2052
#3 - Abbey - 2076
#2 - Kari - 2148
#1 - Angela H - 2173

Congrats to everyone that made it (you'll be entered into the amazon giveaway at the end of the month)! Everyone participating is so neck in neck, you're all doing great! :)

Now for this weeks google doc!

This doc is for books finished between 12:00 AM EST 4-6 and 11:59 PM EST 4-12!!!

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  1. Congrats to everyone!

    I suck! I only read one book...=/

    1. Lori, you're normally killing me in the reading arena, get your butt in gear girly! ;P

  2. Wow! Angela H read an awesome amount. Congrats on winning. :o)

    @Lori. One books still means you're reading and that's the main thing. :o)

    1. Yes!! Some people blew me away! We all still have a chance, who knows who will pull ahead this week ;)

  3. *sigh* If only it weren't for my tendency to read ALL THE BOOKS at once - I know I read at least 400-500 more than what I submitted, but I didn't FINISH the books I read them on =( oh well, one week I'll have a MASSIVE total from finishing all of them and that will make up for it =)

    1. HAHA, the week you finish them it's going to be like *BAM* where did Anne come from?? :)

  4. I had no expectations of making the top 20 this week, but I didn't expect to be so far off! Wow, there's some big readers in this bunch!

    Anne: I, too, read a bunch of books at once. Means that our numbers will fluctuate wildly!

    1. I know!! It's like a constant read-a-thon this week with some of these people ;)

      I can't do a bunch of books a once, 2 is my max. It will help in you the long run I think though if you get them done by the last day of the month!

  5. I thought maybe I would make it in the top 20, and I was close! But I'm halfway through this month's TBR list and it's only the first week of April! So I am still really happy with 5 books read. Though I didn't count one of the books for the contest.

    1. You were really close to making Top 20 this week!!!

      Glad you are happy and that it's motivating you as well :) Here's to this week!!

  6. I came in fifth! I'm both thrilled by this and feeling my competitive nature click in...must read more! xD

  7. I should be able to read more after this derk since it was spring break and my hubby was off work. I did get a few started that I wasn't able finish and that should help my page count for this next week. Not sure I can do as good as so many others that you've listed though! This is definitely making me want to read like a madwoman though!

  8. I'm excited that I was able to come in 12th this week. Now I have to attempt to keep up my pace.

  9. i wasn't really good last week but i was working on Handmade RAK and these take lots of time. I will try to do better

  10. I love to read. Have a ton of books. I can usualky read a book in a day or so. I cant eait to try to kick butt this week

  11. I love to read. Have a ton of books. I can usualky read a book in a day or so. I cant eait to try to kick butt this week

  12. I was reading a lot of bigger books like Lover Reborn which is almost 600 pages so I didn't get to add it to my first week page count even though I read most of it during week one. Plus I was in a different state for a wedding and didn't get much chance to pick up a book so here is hoping I make the top 20 for week two! :)

  13. Maybe we could keep a running tally of how many pages we've read in total combined? We could probably hit some crazy target between us. How about 1,000,000 pages?! That would be fab!

    1. I love that idea! I think I will add them all up and see what we hit at the end of the month!! :)

  14. I hope I didn't enter for Ditched twice, but I just couldn't remember if I put it in the form or not. Sorry if I did!

  15. I love this thing! Helps me kick my Boooot-a-y in gear! Great Idea! =) Although I see I need to pick it up! ;)

  16. Wow...I am so impressed! It always amazes me how much people can read. I just don't have the the time I finally stop running for the day I can barely get a chapter read before my eyes close!

  17. Angela, I screwed up with Lover Avenged...I forgot to put the author...JR Ward and the date I finished the book... April 9, 2012. It's marked on my GR if you need it...If you can't count it...that's fine too. I don't know where my head was that day. LOL!


  18. oops! I did the same think Kristin did with Hex Hall. But i did finish it this week on 4-9-12 and it is by Rachel Hawkins. It is correct on my Goodreads Link. Sorry!
    My numbers are low this week. glad it made it into the top 20 last week. Maybe next week :P LOVE!


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