Friday, May 18, 2012

May Page Count: Top 20 Week 3 + New Form

Page Count Contest

Time for Week 3 Top 20!!

Congrats to everyone who made the list this week!  You're all entered into the giveaway at the end of the month!

Be sure to stick around to end for the new form for this week!

#20 - Jasmine Rose
#19 - Cristina @ Princess of Storyland
#18 - Kae
#17 - Anne
#16 - Candace
#15 - Sam @ Journey Though Pages
#14 - Reading Angel (That's ME!!!)
#13 - Tammy @ Into the Mystic
#12 - Ali (Ali's Bookshelf)
#11 - Kari
#10 - Nikki
#9 - Loretta @ Between the Pages
#8 - Megan Verhegghe
#7 - Savanna @ Sucked Into Books
#6 - Amanda @ Letters Inside Out
#5 - Vivien
#4 - Marliegh/The Lark's Song
#3 - Katie @ Katie's Book Blog
#2 - Angela H
and the winner this week is....
#1 - Ash @ Typing Tiara!!

And now for this weeks form
This form is for any books you finish between now and 11:59PM EST on 5-24!

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  1. *Sigh* Inspite of Bout of books, I'm so behind. Maybe next week.

    Congrats to everyone who got it. :)

    1. I barely made it myself! Luckily my last book was a little over 500 pages and I managed to get it in right at the deadline! LOL

  2. Okay, so totally doing a victory dance for coming in first for the first time. :D

    Congrats everyone!

    1. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. i'm so behind too... but with all the added works we are getting before our final it's normal in a way... but i still want to be ion at least the top 5 once ( first would be great but that's a dream...) so starting now i will try to do better

    Congrats to the 20 luckys of last week^^

    1. Yeah, you do have to study and work hard! I hope you get that Top 5 goal at least once! (I really want to hit Top 5 one time too!!)

  4. FINALLY made it to the top 20! This month has just been too busy to give reading the attention it deserves, but Bout of Books and having a cold made a difference lol

    1. Sorry you are sick, but at least it had one benefit...LOL.

      BoutofBooks helped me too!

  5. Dang, I didn't make it. I wonder how far off I was...

  6. Congrats, everyone! I slipped last week, but I'm so determined to make up now. That's why I like this so much ... keeps my butt reading instead of procrastinating too much on other stuff!

  7. It was a bad week for me... I think I only read one book! I'm doing way better already this week though so fingers crossed! :)

  8. No clue why but reading and finishing books is just taking me so long this month. I don't think I'll be in the top at all this month but if you have this again in June I hope to make it during that month even though for a few days of it I will be in ALA! :)

  9. Woo! I finally snuck in there :D

  10. I think I may have accidentally put in ''Nicola'' instead of ''Nicola T'' when I put in Beautiful Demons. Not sure if it makes a difference but yeah. :)

  11. oki so far it's 4books i will try to continue but i'm sick and it's becoming difficult to concentrate but still i want to progress^^


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