Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Bookish Resolutions For 2013

Top Ten Tuesdays Book Meme
Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish featuring her love of all things lists!  Since I am a list fanatic myself I figured it was time I joined in the madness ;)  Yep, I'm being a follower, sue me!

This week's topic is Top 10 Bookish Goals for 2013!

I hope I can come up with Ten!  Before starting this post I had a total of 2!

1.  Read 125 Books
2. Complete the Seriously Series Challenge.  (I need to catch up on series!)
3. Read more books that I already own than I buy! (Reduce that TBR!)
4.  Review more of the books I read
5. Have posts scheduled for the blog as much as possible.
6. Finish cleaning up blog labels
7. Finish adding page descriptions and alt tags to posts
8. Comment more of other's blogs

OK, I think 8 is where I shall end it!  If I think of more I will add them in later!

Any goals you think I should add?
Any of these you want to tackle?

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  1. Great goals! Cutting down the TBR pile and blogging more regularly are important goals for me too.

  2. #2, #3, #4! I could totally relate to all these! I have the same problems as well :) Good luck with your goals! :D

    My Bookish/Blogger Goals

  3. Definitely want to reduce my TBR, ditto with having more posts scheduled. I do everything last minute too often

    Cait x

  4. Haha, I think we all need to read more of our own books before we buy more. Somehow I just keep finding myself with more and more books! Great goals :)

    Here's my Top Ten!

  5. Great goals! My goals for this year is 50 books. I'm participating in a BUNCH of challenges so it will probably grow. I just wanted to start small and work my way up as needed. Good luck!

  6. Funny how so many of us want to work on our TBR piles! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who can't resist the bright, shiny, new books! Good luck!

  7. I wish I could read 125 books in a year. My goal is 75 lol Great list of goals. Good luck!

  8. Hope you reach all of your goals. I should have added on mine to catch up on my series too. I am behind in some of them. Thanks for sharing. =]

  9. Series completion is one of my goals too! At the end of last years I read a whole series in a week and it was amazingly fulfilling!

    Oh man some of my blog labels need to change, but I figure that's something for when I move to WP, because I've had issues with it on Blogger.

  10. #3 is a great one - I've added culling my bookshelves to my list, and part of that will probably be reading and parting with books that I already own. Thanks for sharing your goals!

  11. Good Luck with your resolutions Angel!

    My Bookish Goals.

  12. Fab goals! I really want to read the books already on my shelf too. That probably won't be that hard for me this year. :)


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