Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Book Super Words

Top Ten Tuesdays Book Meme
Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly feature at The Broke and the Bookish featuring her love of all things lists!  We love lists, so here we are!

This weeks topic is...

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book

This topic is hard yall!!  My brain isn't working well with this one, but I'm trying ;)


- I love a real-life road trip and I love reading about them!


- DUH!


- I don't read comic books, but put those guys and gals with the super powers in the pages of my books and I'm there.


- I have been fascinated with the kitsune since an adult paranormal I read 6 or 7 years ago had a character in it that was one.  I can't even remember the book...that is going to bug me now...


- Yes please!

Mental Illness

- I love the hard hitting contemps that feature mental illness. 


- Yep, I'm a mermaid loving girly girl.  I admit it.


- I'm also COUNTRY from my head down to my feet!


- The accents, the kilts, the men, the setting, I love it, I love it, I love it.


- again I say, DUH!

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of road trip lovers this week. :) And I totally agree about assassins - that's what made me want to read THE ASSASSIN'S CURSE by Cassandra Rose Clarke. And THRONE OF GLASS by Sarah Maas. Both of which I totally loved!

  2. Ah, I totally forgot about assassins. They're awesome!

    Mermaids are totally my thing. I included them on my list as well. There's just something about mermaids that is just tragic and beautiful and sometimes totally kick-ass.

    Pretty Deadly Reviews

  3. I can't believe I left out mental illness! I LOVE books that are hard hitting or have some type of disorder to work through/with.

    <3! New follower :) :)

    Beth | The Reading Vixens

    Vixen's Top Ten!

  4. I said Scotland too!! There really is just something about a man in a kilt, isn't there?
    Check out my TTT!

  5. Mental Illness is always an interesting one to read about. Great list.

  6. kitsune!!!!!! I love that you chose that. oooh, and you MUST be wanting to read The Night Itself by Zoë Marriott as much as me, yes? Super heroes...I almost chose this! I'm not a comic book reader either, but in a novel! I want to have a super hero week this fall, since I couldn't get it together in time last year! Assassins, yes! Another I almost chose. So many good books! Mermaids, which I DID choose :) And this is why we're friends, yes? Like minds!

  7. Of course! I hadn't heard of The Night Itself but now I'm DYING!
    Super Hero week sounds AWESOME!!!

  8. I've read the first 3 in that series but I don't think that's the one that introduced me. Looking at the list I think it was Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren.

    You are awesome for your searching skills! :D

    I have Outlander too, that size intimidates me though, did you like it?

  9. Hmm...I'd have to think about it. Rock Stars didn't make the list??

  10. Up until now, I've been importing all of her books from the UK because Candlewick Press is about half a year behind bringing them here...and I like my books to match, so they're all in paperback... But I'm sort of waiting to see what the US cover will be, if it will have more of an "epic" feel. But I really want to import earlier, lol! We'll see!

    I'll have to let you know if I can actually get the Week off the ground. If I can, I'll let you know. Maybe you'll want to do something! ;) There's so much sitting on my shelf...! Oh, and Walden Pond Press sent me an ARC of their upcoming release SIDEKICKED, which your son might enjoy :)

  11. Oh, I'll have to check out Sidekicked!
    Yes, let me know if you do Super Hero week! I'd love to do something!!

  12. AHH! I can't believe I didn't put rockstars O.o
    Rockstars and Tattoos are really at the top of the list....

  13. Shay @ 365 Books A YearMay 1, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    I loved Outlander. It was not only a great story, but it also turned a lot of romance novel conventions upside down. Like the female love interest is older and more experienced and the male is the young virgin. I tried the second book...kind of got stuck on the first couple of chapters. Some people I know say some of the Outlander series books are better read (like the first) and some are better when they did audiobooks (like the second). If you like Scotland, you should give the series a try.

  14. That does sound good! It's on my kindle, I will have to get to it soon!

  15. I haven't read any mermaid books yet, I really should!


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