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Loretta and Angela have been friends since Jr. High School.
They were trouble then, and they are trouble now!
While they both try to put most of their energy into their families, they still try to get together for a little crazy girl time.  Now that they are together on one blog I suspect that things may get a little wild around may want to duck for cover.


NEED TO CONTACT ANGELA? dukesangel002 AT yahoo DOT com
NEED TO CONTACT LORETTA? btp_reviews AT yahoo DOT com 

Hey yall!  It's Angela here! In case it isn't obvious, reading is my passion.  I love to talk about books and blogging with anyone, so never feel shy about emailing me or chatting me up on twitter!!!  I love to read anything from YA books, to sexy romances, to paranormal and urban fantasy.  You could say I'm kind of all over the place, but it keeps things interesting! ;)  I spend more money on books than I do on food, my favorite color is clear, and I trip over my own feet.  I will wear a hoodie all year, whether it's warm or freezing.  It has to be at least 4 sizes too large because I want it to swallow me.
My favorite place to read is my screened in back porch, listening to the sounds of nature around me.
So, that's where you'll find me today, with a book, on the porch, swallowed by a hoodie ;)

Thanks for visiting our blog, feel free to leave comments and reading suggestions.  I love hearing from people in the booking world.

I've been quoted!!  These books or author websites did it!



Hey Y'all
My name is Loretta. I have many names though. Loretta Lynn, Rett, Retta, Mom, Babe! But, you can call me Loretta! I started Between The Pages in July of 2010. I will tell you that in my (almost) 2 years I have had some ups and downs. Blogging can be very... interesting. But, I love it. I have met some fantastic bloggers, authors & publishers. I have read some really amazing books. And can not wait to see where Between The Pages goes in the future.
I am 27 years old. I have 2 amazing kids. Landon Scott (8) & Lilah Amor (4). They are my everything. Literally. 
I have been married for 9 years to my High School Sweety! Brandon! We have been together for 13 years. Yes, I fell in love at 14. Not knowing where that would take me. Summer romance? It ended up being the most wonderful thing ever. & here we are. All these years later!
I live in West Virginia. I have lived in West Virginia for.... 27 years! I love my mountains. I love to travel though.
I love all things outdoors.. besides being overly hot. I cannot stand that part. Shade = my BFF!
Crafting is my escape when I am not reading, or playing with the kiddies. I also love video games. Yes, the hubby has turned me into a gaming fanatic. I take it very seriously too.. even though I really get killed a lot. I don’t mind. haha. My husband on the other hand... it’s like real life ha!!
My favorite color is BLUE! I am an Aquarius. I hate messes. (RIGHT?? I have kids, so they come.) I am very much OCD and love things... MY way! I cannot walk bare foot, I hate the grimy dirt feeling.. but I hate SHOES. Sandals are my safe haven.. sandals in winter? I wear them year around.. well, in the house that is.. I am not going to wear them in the snow... DUH! What you think.. I am crazy? (don't answer that) I am just your regular country girl. I have been told I have the sweetest accent.. although I think I just sound like a whole bunch of “improper”!! Oh, well. I will take it. This is me.
Thank you for stopping by Reading Angels. I hope that you enjoy your visit..
Come again soon ya hear!
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  1. hi there!

    i have an award for you!

  2. Hey Angela. I love Nicholas Sparks, too!

  3. Hey Angela! I just discovered your blog through the blogger hop (I'm too late to sign up for my first hop, so I'll just do it next week!)
    I love your blog and will be checking it out regularly!
    Here's mine if you want to get a look:
    Cheers !

  4. You were SEVENTEEN when you got married?
    Omg, that young?

  5. LOL ChickLitGirl, I was 17, very young, but we are one of the lucky ones that actually made it work :-)
    I had my little boy at 18....

  6. You love hoodies and your favorite color is clear. You may very well the coolest person I know ;)

    On a side note, Burton makes the best hoodies known to man (or woman.) I have a purple one. Not nearly as awesome as clear, but it does hide my underwear. =]

  7. Hello, I just wanted to say that the banner for your blog is as cute as a button! :)

  8. Hi Angela,
    On the 'About' tab, where you say, "It has to be at least 4 sizes to large because I want it to swallow me", the first word 'to' should be 'too'.

    I sent you a friend request on the LinkedIn site for your Reading Angel profile. It wasn't easy to find your web/blog site because the link isn't on the LindedIn site.

    Lea Ellen B. {night owl in IL}

    1. Thanks for catching that. I can tell you are an editor. ;)
      I have never really used LinkedIn, but I did go add my link so that people can find me more easily from there.

  9. Hi Angela!
    I came across your blog (found it on IB Book Blogging) and I really like it :D Check out mine sometime?
    Little Book Star

  10. Hello Loretta.I'm finding you by you tube blogging videos..I'm providing some blogs to new visitors like blogging tips and guidelines..You have a great site here..Enjoy.All the best



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