Thursday, August 29, 2013

HELP WANTED: Open call for associate reviewers!

Loretta and Angela want YOU!
Yes, YOU!
We are busy and often overwhelmed and we are looking for some amazing book lovers who would want to be part of the Reading Angels team!

We are looking for 2-3 associate reviewers.
I might be interested, what would this mean??
  • We are looking for reviewers who would be interested in reviewing one of these genres primarily
  1. Indie/Small Press Books (YA and/or Adult)
  2.  Adult Chick Lit
  3. Adult Fiction
  4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy (YA and/or Adult)

  • An associate reviewer will be sent some review books from Loretta and Angela at times.  They are welcome to use netgalley/edelweiss, and their own books.
  • We will send review requests that fit into the associate reviewers genre that we may receive.  The reviewer can decide whether they are interested or not.
  • Reviewers will be expected to be kind, courteous and respectful.  Both to us, the precious blog readers, and others.
  • Reviewers will be asked to produce 1 or more reviews a month.  If something is happening that you can't, we are way flexible and glad to work with you!
  • Reviewers will be allowed to cross post their reviews but we ask that the reviews be posted here first by at least one day, and when available the cross post should be linked back to here.
 I'm ready to apply! How do I do it??
What we need from you:
  • Email us at thereadingangels AT and let us know what genre you are interested in reviewing.
  • If you have a sample of your writing (review, post, ect) please include that.  If not you may be asked to write a trial review.
  • Links to your social media sites, ect.
That's it!  Just send an email with the above info to thereadingangels  AT ! Hope to hear from you soon!

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